PowerShell Summit Europe 2015

Registration for this years PowerShell Summit Europe will open tomorrow, 27th of February. If you have any interest in PowerShell I would highly recommend attending this summit.

The PowerShell summit is organized by powershell.org and is the only purely PowerShell related international meetup, and a great place to meet the people behind PowerShell, as well as many of the top people within the community.

I attended last years summit in Amsterdam, and it was great! I met a lot of knowledgeable people and we had some great sessions, with great discussions in between.

Who is this summit for? If you have been using PowerShell for some time and feel you are past the beginner phase, this is for you! It’s a great place to learn, and to discuss with fellow PowerShell community members and I guarantee you will learn new stuff and get new contacts/friends from all over Europe.

If you are interested in attending yourself, head on over to http://powershell.org/wp/2015/02/20/powershell-summit-europe-registration/ to learn more and to register. If you know of anyone that might have an interest in this, please forward this or send them the link.

As explained in the link above, the European PowerShell community needs to solidify and show that we exists. If not enough people show interest, there just isn’t any point in keeping arranging this in Europe. So help spread the word, and show the we have a good PowerShell community in Europe.

Hopefully I will see you in Stockholm at the PowerShell summit?


In several previous posts I have presented functions to create different kinds of database connections. But a connection to a database is just the first step. The function I’m presenting here will let you use the connection object you get from those functions and send SQL commands to the database. If you expect data back you can indicate that by using the GetResults parameter, and you will get a DataTable object returned to you. (more…)