I’m a senior IT consultant, and have been in the business since approximately 2002. I work mainly with large infrastructure environments based on products and services from Microsoft, VMWare and Citrix. I’m an avid supporter of automation, optimization and orchestration, and are trying to be as active as I can in the PowerShell community.

I started this blog to have a centralized place for all my PowerShell scripts, but also so that others could benefit from them. I have taken advice and script samples and solutions from so many blogs over the years, I felt it was about time I gave something back! I try to have most of my stuff on Gist/Github as well, because I hope someone will be interested enough to want to help me develop my stuff even further, and Github is the perfect platform for that.

I currently work at FIFTEEN AS.


  1. Hey, this is the first way I found to reach you. I’ve just found Communary.Pasm and I think what you’ve offered is great, but I’m not getting good results. For example Select-FuzzyString “The Quaker”
    does not find any match from a list that contains strings like “Quaker Foods” and “Quaker Maid”.
    I’ve also tested get-pasmscore with all the algorithms and I can’t seem to get it to match to what I know is the best match.


    1. Hi Leo. Thanks for getting back to me. I can confirm that using the search term “The Quaker” will not find “Quaker Foods” and “Quaker Maid” in a list. The reason for this is that the fuzzy search algorithm is a wildcard search, with an added calculated weight to the results. Basically what is does is adds * before and after the search query and will return whatever is found. This is of course a bit simplified, as the function does more “under the hood”. But the reason this search is unsuccessfully is that “The” is not found in any of the terms in the list. If you run the command with just “Quaker” both will be returned.

      The Get-PasmScore will not return any matches. This function will only return the matching score between two strings, based on the chosen algorithm.

      Please let me know if you have any other problems, or questions, regarding the PASM module. I’m happy to make enhancements to it if there is functionality you feel are missing.


  2. Hi Øyvind,
    I’d tried your “Invoke-fastfind” CMDLET. I know its require additional development but from some tests i’d conducted it works great and only problem I found which major , is that FileSize returns the wrong size consistently.. Do you have and idea y this is happening ?


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