This function will take an IP address and either a subnet mask, or a mask length, and return a custom object with information about that subnet. The information you get is basic stuff like network address, the first and the last usable addresses, the broadcast address etc. But it will also tell you the class of the address, as well as if it’s a private address or not. If run without any parameters it will try to get the needed information from the host you are running it on. (more…)

Quick tip: Dynamically create and use variables

Creating and using variables in PowerShell is simple. Unlike most other languages you don’t need to initialize a variable before use – you don’t even need to type them; PowerShell will attempt to set the type based on the value you give it. Because they are so simple to use, it’s easy to forget that we actually have a set of cmdlets for working with variables. (Get/Set/New/Clear/Remove-Variable) But that’s ok, they are seldom needed. But in this quick tip I will show you how to create and use variables dynamically, and then they come in handy indeed. (more…)

Time your script

I’m back with another set of small helper functions. This time it’s all about timing your script. Sure, it’s not that difficult to do manually – just get the time when it starts, and when it ends, and calculate the running time. It might not look pretty, but it works. With this functions though, it’s even easier! (more…)


This is just a little helper function that will help you if you have a prerequisite of certain 3rd-party functions being loaded for your script to work. It will either give you are TRUE/FALSE, or a list of the missing functions. Stick it in somewhere at the beginning of your script, and give it an array of functions to test for, and handle the result however you like. (more…)

Get-Random vs System.Random

In the process of learning PowerShell it is customary to hear people say that you shouldn’t re-invent the wheel; if there is a native command for it, you should use that. And I agree. But there is a case to be made for taking the time to properly explore all the different options available to you. For instance when coding for a specific version of PowerShell, or if speed is important. This post will discuss the latter; specifically a comparison of the native command for generating random numbers (Get-Random) and using the .NET class System.Random. (more…)

Encode/Decode Base64Url

As is often the case, when working on a project I end up needing some sub-task done and search the web to see if someone have done it before. In this particular instance I couldn’t find any ready-made solutions for PowerShell, but I did find that someone had written a couple of functions in c# that did exactly what I needed. Luckily, translating from c# to PowerShell isn’t that hard, so I thought I’d share the functions I wrote (translated) with you. (more…)