Another small function from me today. And another one that I can’t take credit for. I found this one on poshcode, and just did some minor tweaking to it. It sends an ARP request to get the MAC address from an IPv4 address.

function Get-MACAddress {
Sends an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) request to obtain the physical address that corresponds to the specified destination IPv4 address.
param (
[Parameter(Position = 0)]
[string] $IPAddress = ([System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface]::GetAllNetworkInterfaces() | Where-Object {$_.OperationalStatus -eq 'Up' -and $_.NetworkInterfaceType -ne [System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterfaceType]::Loopback})[0].GetIPProperties().UnicastAddresses.Address.ToString()
$sign = @"
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
public static class NetUtils
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("iphlpapi.dll", ExactSpelling = true)]
static extern int SendARP(int DestIP, int SrcIP, byte[] pMacAddr, ref int PhyAddrLen);
public static string GetMacAddress(String addr)
IPAddress IPaddr = IPAddress.Parse(addr);
byte[] mac = new byte[6];
int L = 6;
SendARP(BitConverter.ToInt32(IPaddr.GetAddressBytes(), 0), 0, mac, ref L);
String macAddr = BitConverter.ToString(mac, 0, L);
return (macAddr.Replace('-',':'));
catch (Exception ex)
return (ex.Message);
$type = Add-Type TypeDefinition $sign Language CSharp PassThru
Write-Output ($type::GetMacAddress($IPAddress))


  1. Hey, how are you doing old friend?
    Since PowerShell 4.0 (Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2), there is a cmdlet called “Get-NetAdapater”. It returns all network information from the local adapters that are currently present on the machine. It also has a -CimSession parameter that can be used to query information remotely 😉


    1. Hey. I’m doing fine thank you 🙂 I realised after the fact, that I should perhaps have given the function another name. It was really written to be able to discover MAC addresses using ARP, so you can get the MAC of for instance network equipment etc.

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