Quick tip: Fix those line endings

In dealing with data transferred between different operating systems, we often come across the irritating phenomenon of, what might appear as, a file without any spaces in them. This is of course because of different end of line (EOL) characters, and I’m going to show you a quick and easy way of using PowerShell to “fix” these for Windows. (more…)


Doing file compares can be quite confusing using Compare-Object, so unless you only want to check for equality, using a GUI can be tremendously helpful. Enter WinMerge. I guess most of you have used, or are currently using, this fabulous tool. I created a simple wrapper for WinMerge so that it’s easier than ever to open file (or folder) comparison right from the PowerShell console. (more…)

Observations on writing to Screen and File in PowerShell

When writing a PowerShell script, you are typically doing “something” with “something” and getting a result based on this “doing”.

This is all well and good, but after you have gotten your result what do you do with the data? Two common scenarios are writing the result either to the screen or to a file. If the script is doing a lot of calculations, it’s quite common to also give the user some kind of feedback while it’s working, to indicate that it’s actually doing what it’s suppose to do and that it haven’t stalled. (more…)