[UPDATE 16.05.2015] Made the code more robust and simplified.

This is the function I mention in this post, which wraps the DOS dir command. 

Update: I fixed a small bug, and also added support for using regex to do further filtering.

function Invoke-DosDir {
Wrapper for the dos command dir.
This function lets you search for files and folders using the dos command dir.
Invoke-DosDir c:\
List files and folders on the root of the c-drive.
Invoke-DosDir c:\ -GetInfo:$false
List files and folders on the root of the c-drive, returned as strings.
Invoke-DosDir c:\*.log -Recurse
List all *.log files on the c-drive.
Invoke-DosDir c:\ -Hidden
List all files and folders on the root of the c-drive, including hidden items.
Invoke-DosDir c:\Windows\ -Directory
List only folders in the c:\Windows directory.
NOTE! Files and folders inside archives, don't have any attributes set, and since this function
uses attribute filtering these will probably not be included in the result.
Author: Øyvind Kallstad
Date: 14.05.2015
Version: 2.2
[CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName = 'File')]
param (
# Specify a path. Wildcards are supported.
[Parameter(Position = 0)]
[string] $Path,
# Optionally you can use regex to do further filtering.
[Parameter(Position = 1)]
[string] $Regex,
# When GetInfo is True, FileSystemInfo objects are returned. If it's False, the full path of
# the files are returned as strings. This parameter defaults to true. To force return of strings,
# use -GetInfo:$false
[switch] $GetInfo = $true,
# Perform a recursive search.
[switch] $Recurse,
# Show hidden items.
[switch] $Hidden,
# Show only files.
[Parameter(ParameterSetName = 'File')]
[switch] $File,
# Show only directories.
[Parameter(ParameterSetName = 'Directory')]
[switch] $Directory
try {
if (-not([string]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace($Path))) {
# if the path given is not a folder, separate out the path portion and assume the remainder are the search pattern
# if no path is given at all (just a search pattern), get the current location and set that to the path string
if (-not(Test-Path Path $Path PathType Container)) {
try {
$pathString = Split-Path Path $Path ErrorAction Stop
if ([string]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace($pathString)) {$pathString = Split-Path Path Qualifier ErrorAction Stop}
$searchPattern = Split-Path Path $Path Leaf ErrorAction Stop
catch {
$pathString = (Get-Location).Path
$searchPattern = Split-Path Path $Path Leaf
# if the path input is a directory, use that as the path string with no search pattern
else {
$pathString = $Path
$searchPattern = ''
else {
# if path parameter is empty, use the current location with no search pattern
$pathString = (Get-Location).Path
$searchPattern = ''
# build the attribute filter string
$attributeFilter = ' /a:'
if ((-not($Hidden)) -and (-not($File)) -and (-not($Directory))) { $attributeFilter += '-h' }
if ((-not($Hidden)) -and $File) { $attributeFilter += 'a-h' }
if ((-not($Hidden)) -and $Directory) { $attributeFilter += 'd-h' }
if ($Hidden -and $File) { $attributeFilter += 'a' }
if ($Hidden -and $Directory) { $attributeFilter += 'd' }
# build the parameter string
$parameterString = "/O:gn /B$attributeFilter"
if ($Recurse) { $parameterString += ' /s' }
$parameterString += " ""$(Join-Path Path $pathString ChildPath $searchPattern)"""
# build the command string
$commandString = "cmd.exe /C dir $parameterString"
if ($Regex) { $commandString += ' | Where-Object {$_ -match "' + $Regex + '"}' }
if (-not($Recurse)) { $commandString += ' | ForEach-Object {Join-Path -Path "' + $pathString + '" -ChildPath $_}'}
if ($GetInfo) { $commandString += ' | ForEach-Object {Get-Item -LiteralPath $_ -Force:$Force -ErrorAction Stop}' }
# convert command string to script block
$command = [System.Management.Automation.ScriptBlock]::Create($commandString)
Write-Verbose "PathString: $pathString"
Write-Verbose "SearchPattern: $searchPattern"
Write-Verbose "AttributeFilter: $attributeFilter"
Write-Verbose "ParameterString: $parameterString"
Write-Verbose "CommandString: $commandString"
# run the command
Invoke-Command ScriptBlock $command
catch {
Write-Error "Oops! Something went wrong. [$($_.Exception.GetType().Name)]"
#Set-Alias -Name 'dir' -Value 'Invoke-DosDir' -Force -Option AllScope

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