There is an ocean of password generators out there, and even quite a few written in PowerShell, but there were some features I wanted in a password generator that made me create my own.

UPDATE 23.09.2015: Refactored the code. Better pronounceable passwords generated.
UPDATE 21.09.2015: Function will now also output SecureString by using the AsSecureString parameter.

This function uses the System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider class in .NET to create cryptographically secure random numbers. These numbers are used to generate a strong and complex random password.

You can control the length of the generated password, as well as specify the complexity rules by including or excluding characters from the four main character groups; symbols, numbers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters. You can also use it to generate several passwords in one go by using the Count parameter.

I also decided to support the creation of what is called pronounceable passwords. This mode uses only uppercase and lowercase letters, but tries to mix vowels and consonants in a “smart” manner so that (parts of) the password is somewhat pronounceable. The mix of letters are still randomized so they will still be secure-ish. I wouldn’t rely on using these passwords for something critical, but if you want these kinds of passwords, this function can generate them. NOTE! After the last update, the pronounceable passwords also supports numbers, so they will be somewhat more secure!

I hope you will find this useful, and if you have ideas for further improvements, or find any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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