The Luhn Algorithm

Created by the german IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn, the Luhn Algorithm is a checksum formula being used to validate a variety of identification numbers, such as credit card numbers, IMEI numbers etc.

In this blog post, I will show you some functions I created that uses this algorithm. It can be used to calculate a checksum digit from a number, as well as validate numbers using the Luhn Algorithm checksum validation.


Binary/String conversion using Win32 API

I recently came across the Matasano Crypto Challenges, which is a set of challenges you can go through to learn more about cryptography.

While looking around for tips online for the first challenge, I stumbled upon an excellent blog article by Vadims Podāns, where he shows how, by using the Win32 native functions CryptStringToBinary and CryptBinaryToString, you can easily convert between binary and string in PowerShell. (more…)


Doing file compares can be quite confusing using Compare-Object, so unless you only want to check for equality, using a GUI can be tremendously helpful. Enter WinMerge. I guess most of you have used, or are currently using, this fabulous tool. I created a simple wrapper for WinMerge so that it’s easier than ever to open file (or folder) comparison right from the PowerShell console. (more…)

Change the PowerShell console size and state programmatically

Being able to change the size of the console window (or any window for that matter) are quick and easy to do using the mouse. The same for changing the window state (for example maximizing a window). But if you want to do this programmatically (for whatever reason) it’s not so simple.

I have created a small function that makes this much easier to accomplish. (more…)