I have written previously about how to convert an object to a DataTable and how to create one based on an existing MSSQL table, but now I will share a function to create a new empty DataTable. Sure, this isn’t very complicated to do manually, but using this function you can define the table structure using an ordered dictionary, which makes it much easier to update later if needed.

function New-DataTable {
Create a new DataTable.
Create a new DataTable.
$myColumns = [ordered] @{
ID = [int32]
Name = [string]
Age = [int]
Date = [DateTime]
$myTable = New-DataTable -TableName 'MyTable' -Columns $myColumns
Author: Øyvind Kallstad
Date: 20.10.2014
Version: 1.0
param (
[string] $TableName,
# Use an ordered dictionary to define the table columns.
[System.Collections.Specialized.OrderedDictionary] $Columns
# create new datatable
$newDataTable = New-Object TypeName 'System.Data.DataTable' ArgumentList $TableName
Write-Verbose "DataTable created '$TableName'"
# create columns
if ($PSBoundParameters['Columns']) {
$Columns.GetEnumerator() | ForEach-Object {
$columnName = $_.Key
$columnType = $_.Value.ToString()
$dataColumn = New-Object TypeName 'System.Data.DataColumn' ArgumentList ($columnName,$columnType)
Write-Verbose "New column created '$columnName'"
Write-Output @(,$newDataTable)

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